Hi_Low shelter


This design concept was developed as brief proposal before Smart Geometry 2010, aiming at giving some suggestion for the development of a small pavilion. This concept is closely related to one of the workshop topics [High tech design – Low tech construction] and mix the generation of a parametric and complex shape with a series of components which can be easily realized through basic and standard production processes that don’t need any CNC [computer numerically controlled] facility.

This small pavilion is based on the concept of a shell, defined by a parametric spiral formula which is developed in order to obtain a double curved complex surface. Then the surface is divided into planar curves (all of them are spirals too), useful for the instantiation of the components. These last are simple rectangular panels, connected each other with several cable ties. The proportion of the standard components derives from the golden ratio [sezione aurea] and is connected with the mathematical formula that allows to realizing the guide curve of the pavilion.

Under a structural point of view, the composition of the surface refers to the “tholos vault” systems, turning an instable amount of separated pieces into a unique stable and resistant cloud structure.

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