Ricerca_02I believe that research is a fundamental theme for an architect. This derives from its profession’s main aim, which is answering to a series of questions that hasn’t been yet asked by the contemporary society, considering needs of the daily life. It’s an occupation where the main goal is represented by anticipation of future life characteristics, arranging this way a solid basement for the development of the human built landscape. This purpose is linked with the development of a new artistic language, shown through the architectonical creations, and also with instruments, techniques, material and all that concerns the structure of design methods.

All the studies about this subject are collected into this section, aiming to give a small and personal contribution to the imperative need of attempting new and unexpected ways to do architecture.

Innovative Design & Construction Technologies

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Milan Politecnico University, Department BEST (Building Environment Science Technology) organized an international conference entitled “Innovative design and construction technologies – Building complex shapes and beyond” at the Faculty of Architecture. The event, held on May, 6-7th 2009, wanted to give the state of the art of innovative design and construction technologies, considering the point of view of all the operators that deal with new types of building, ranging from architect, to suppliers to clients.

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3DArchiMod Project – Phase I concluded

The research project described into the previous paper, “Morpho-generative modelling systems“, reached its conclusion with the realization of a parametric software dedicated to architectural planning. This work, studyed with Insubria University – Varese (Italy), had driven to an useful instrument for the development of complex forms based on a structural logic process.

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Generative Algorithms

Image: “3-D Game of Life”, project by Brandon Williams and Studio Rocker


Design, as defined by a few prominent theorists, is about virtuality, not actuality. In its conception it is about something vague, indefinite, and uncertain, not necessarily the sudden appearance of a form (for that would be certain) but rather about a combination of thoughts that lead to the inception of a form.

The development course of the architectural planning is quite particular, combining the artistic creation with a series of reflections and reasoning leading towards the solution of more pragmatic problems, presented by the purchasers when they commission the project. This is a more complex approach than the purely ludic and ideal one, differing even from the mere technique.

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Morpho-generative systems for modeling

Image: “Algorithmic architecture”, Kostas Terzidis, Architectural Press – Oxford 2006, pag. 76

Actually I’m following a research path, in cooperation with prof. Ernesto D’Alfonso, aiming to explore some systems, linked with computation and also based on different logics, that can drive to the formal definition of a model, starting from some fundamental rules, which are previously defined. This route is divided in three principal moments.

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